My work with Dr. Robin has changed my life! She has helped me in so many facets of healing for over 15 years. My entire family has benefitted from Priority Healing and Psych-k work. I will be forever grateful.

Gwen Whitten Upchurch

At 86, I'm fortunate to have adjustments, acupressure, and homeopathic care with Dr. Robin.She  keeps me walking, and I'm standing more upright.


Ruth Reichmann

I was immediately impressed by Dr.  Parkhill's repertoire of assessment tools.  As soon as she put her hands on me, my body felt responsive and open, making it easier for it to tell her its needs. Dr. Robin is generous with her time and allows the process to organically evolve.  I always leave her office feeling complete and empowered.

Jana Anna

medium, psychic, channel, lifecoach

I find Dr. Robins work truly amazing.  I have gotten benefit from her healing capabilities that I have not received anywhere else.  I find that the scope of her skill base and something special she brings through her hands and entire demeanor enhances me in virtually every way.  I feel attended to as a whole person.  As a result, I feel noticeably balanced, stronger, and much more comfortable when I leave her office.  Not only have I been restored, but I have a fresh perspective on my life.  I'm ready to tackle the world!  Thanks!

  Cinda Crull