Dr. Robin demonstrating kinesiology with checkpoints at the back of the head.

Checkpoints at the ankles.

Kinesiology is the study of muscles and muscle movement (kinetics). It uses the knowledge about how muscles work in relationship to its interaction with the energy field and nervous system.  In this interaction the muscular system responds favorably to life enhancing stimuli by demonstrating strength, and responds to life depleting stimuli by contraction or weakness  This response is the body's language and allows us to visually witness a physical response to something.  Our ability to focus on the body's response to a particular thing is bio-feedback.  Checkpoints on the body are used to witness your instant muscle response or bio-feedback  to a direct question or influence.  For example, if your name was Fred and you said; "My name is Fred" you would be even at the checkpoints. This is true for you and would not cause any stress in the system and therefore no muscular contraction.  If you then said, "my name is Gary"  you would be uneven at the checkpoints, as the untruth stresses the system and produces the small muscular contraction.  Reading the muscular responses brings to light the information and truth hidden in your subconscious.  The Kinesiology process has many applications for healing physical, mental and emotional issues. Kinesiology is used as a tool in almost all the services Dr. Robin provides.                 

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