promotes: clear vision and manifestation into form, stimulates artistic and creative flow, seeing clearly


eases: lack of focus, inability to dream or visualize, scattered-ness, confusion, inaction


promotes: confidence in the future, forward-looking attitude


eases: discouragement, depression, negative complaining focus

Bleeding Heart


promotes: uplifting of heart energy, acceptance of and release of death and ended relationship, letting go

eases: broken-heartedness, attachment and loss, co-dependence

Butterfly Weed

promotes: open/expansion to life thru the breath, lung/heart health

eases: over-defensiveness, contraction, depression, grief, congestion

flowerheart essences


Flower essences have been used by many cultures for thousands of years.  Essences are made like a sun tea in which the healing vibrational pattern is infused into the water.  Drops of the essence or essences are taken under the tongue immediately supporting your own energy field.  An essence or combination of essences can be taken over a period of time. The right essences taken over time help you to see and shift from certain behavior patterns, beliefs, and thoughts that no longer serve you, making the process of change and personal growth easier and more insightful. Flower essences are like a hand on your shoulder, supporting the process of change or healing.  Dr. Robin has made 40 essences collectively called 'flowerhearts' from Indiana wildflowers and organically grown garden flowers. Each essence offers a specific vibrational energy and use.  She uses essences with her clients in almost every session. The specific essence needed is determined by using energy testing which is a form of bio-feedback (also called Kinesiology or muscle testing).


The beauty of this technique is that your system is choosing what would help you by balancing or being strong with the energy test!  See the Kinesiology heading for more about how this works.


Cherish reverently

the friendship of nature

Let her secret blessings

fill your silent moments

 Blue Lobelia

This Kirlian photography shows the radiating energy field. Circle is bottom of flower essence bottle. Upper right is blue lobelia flowers directly on the film.

Flower petals distilling in water, becoming flower essences.

Finished bottled flower essences.