Detox Footbaths
Ionic Cleansing Through the Feet


             What happens in the footbath?
An ionizer and salt accompanies your feet in the water charging the solution with negative ions and promoting their movement. The ionizer creates two streams of bubbles; hydrogen and oxygen which increases the density of the salt water solution. This density draws the fluids and waste through the large pores of your feet.  These pores are 4 times larger than any others on the body and are one of the skin's greatest avenues of excretion. The water may turn colors due to minerals in the water along with the particular kind of waste being eliminated.  Repeated footbaths support the process of detoxification, increasing energy and enhancing metabolic function.
           Who would benefit from the ionizing footbath?
  • Persons with low immunity and/or high stress
  • Persons using tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, or a diet of processed foods.
  • If you're alive and on the planet!

Footbaths are fun to do with a friend side-by-side.

What color will your water turn?.