Dr. Robin A. Parkhill received her doctorate from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, and following, completed a two year internship in Stressology, a Body-Mind Integration study.  Dr. Robin uses many methods in practice including gentle musculo-skeletal adjustments, acupressure, and kinesiology and nutrition.  She has practiced twenty-four years in Indiana and also holds licenses in California, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

   Dr. Robin promotes healing through a holistic hands-on approach, as well as through her calm and centered nature.

Her philosophy encourages self responsibility, choice, and participation in healing in the most natural non-invasive ways possible.  Dr. Robin, as many call her, also educates, nurtures, and empowers her clients to discover and creatively act on their hearts' desires through their own unique needs and gifts.


                        About Dr. Robin