Celebrate flowerhearts

Connecting to your inner healing and passion

The experience of feeling healthy, vibrant, and capable is what I call "flowerhearts". Connecting to this can motivate us toward our heart's true passions. "flowerhearts" is my wish for you.

True health has an energy of feeding us forward to 

create our desires.

I look forward to helping you discover what enhances and re-balances your body's life energy to promote healing, true health, and right livelihood.

Kinesiology is a biofeedback technique I use in most of the services I provide. It is an easy and pleasant way, by employing a simple muscle response, to ask your body's own innate intelligence what would help you to heal. 

See Kinesiology under "Services" for more information on how kinesiology works, as well as other healing approaches that use kinesiology as a biofeedback tool.

To your health and passion,

Dr. Robin A. Parkhill